Safety is our number one priority at Myer Marine Services. We value each of our employees and take pride in providing them with a safe and reliable way to provide for their own respective families. For this reason, we want to do everything in our power to ensure that our employees leave each day in the same condition in which they arrived.

We have strict safety policies in place for all employees, whether in our home facility or in the field. Employees undergo safety orientation immediately upon hiring as well as weekly safety meetings. Regulation and enforcement of policies are carried out by our on-site Safety Manager.

Our comprehensive HSE (Health, Safety, and Environmental) Manual is available to all employees, as well as any customer upon request. When employees are in the field, they will follow all Myer Marine Service’s policies as well as any additional safety precautions or policies that the customer or work-site representative requires.



Myer Marine Services – Quality Policy – In compliance with ISO9001:2008 Standard

“Myer Marine Services is committed to consistently achieving customer satisfaction for product quality, on-time delivery, and customer satisfaction. In accordance with our quality management system, this policy is achieved through customer focus, continuous improvement and employee empowerment, training and teamwork. Myer Marine Services values integrity and honesty in all dealings with customers, vendors, and employees.”

Myer Marine Services is able to function at a very high efficiency due to our quality management system, which covers every aspect of our business and operations. We take great pride in each and every project that we perform, regardless of the scale or scope of work.

Our Quality Manager oversees a strict set of policies and personally inspects every job performed on-site to ensure that our quality standards are adhered to and that our level of workmanship remains consistent. Our Quality Manual is available to any customer upon request.

In addition to our Quality Manager, several members of management and project managers are trained in non-destructive testing methods for welding inspection. We are able to offer the following in-house NDT:

  • Visual Testing
  • Magnetic Particle Testing
  • Dye-Penetrant Testing
  • Ultrasonic Testing